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I bought the book but I have not been able to find in it info regarding the culture. Specifically, what determines the default culture when rendering the reports via a ReportingServer in a Windows Forms ReportViewer control?

What role does System Regional Settings, SQL Server, IIS, and the ReportViewer control play?

Thanks any clarifications,
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Re: Default culture
I actually found out what I needed to get my problem solved, i.e. using the system wide regional settings to format the report numbers: Set the Language property of the report to User!Language.

Looking up "Language", "Localization", "Culture", "Format" in the index of the book was not helpful smilie

I, however, still do not understand why if I use Default for the Language property of the report I always get en-US, no matter that my system wide settings are Is-is.

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I also would like to know which Oracle Server install you are querying. We have Oracle 10.2 sitting on a AIX OS which sometimes gives us some security challenges.
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