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firstly I am having issues following the instructions in the above named paragraph, in particular, 'Set the Name property to PropertyId. Set the Source property to the Publisher column of the table.' I am finding myself confused regards which property on which table and how to set the Source property correctly....

In my particluar problem I find that my specialized tables are NOT referenced directly as in your example but my 'potential base' class IS referenced directly. The table with the foreign key to my 'potential base' class is ignorant of the type of data referenced.

In short, I have a table

id int
name string
sourceType int
settingsUV int (null)
settingsXenon int (null)

where, dependent upon the value sourceType, the FK settingsUV or settingsXenon will have a valid fk to the required table/row in either my SettingsUV table or my SettingsXenon table.

I am afraid I am having trouble modelling this following the instructions in Ch8.

Any pointers greatly appreciated.