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Dear friends,
In my application I have to submit a form. The form contain a edittext field and I change its value by setValue() dynamically from script according to requirement. It works fine in my local windows xp machine with OpenLaszlo Server windows installer.
But in my online linux server I use only the servlet version "openlaszlo-4.1.1-servlet.war".
But setValue() for edit text does't work in this version. I don't find any solution how can I change the edittext value from script. Is it a bug or my mistake or there are any other solution changing edittext value from script. Here is a testing code behaving dual nature in different platform.

<canvas height="400" width="1200" bgcolor="0xb5b5b5">
<debug width="700" height="500" x="500" y="5" fontsize="12"/>
<form id="frm" layout="axis: y; spacing: 15">
<edittext name="xmls" visible="true" text="Old Value" />
<button x="200" y="200">Click
<handler name="onclick">
frm.xmls.setValue("New Value", false);


I am in great problem. Please help me if anyone have a solution.