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karthikg (2) [Avatar] Offline
I'm enthusiastic about learning about Silverlight. Is Visual studio a must for learning Silverlight? I'm not interested in making that investment right now.
Can you actually develop silverlight apps with the freely available .NET SDK.
I'm not sure what is the browser plugin/ runtime for silverlight.
Just wanted to know if I can follow the book and try out code w/o having VS.NET IDE?
If yes, I will buy the book right away.
chad.campbell (42) [Avatar] Offline
Re: silverlight without Visual Studio
Hi Karthikg,

I'm glad to hear that you are enthusiastic about Silverlight. Visual Studio is NOT a requirement for learning Silverlight. However, it is HIGHLY recommended. You can create Silverlight 2 applications using only the freely available Silverlight 2 SDK, a text editor, and the command line. This book does NOT explain how to compile Silverlight apps without Visual Studio. I do not know, however, I would guess that there will be Silverlight extensions available for Visual Studio 2008 Express SP1 (once again this is only a guess).

In regards to the book, it begins with an example that uses Visual Studio. There are also a couple of other examples that use Visual Studio. For the most part though, the book squarely focuses on the Silverlight APIs themselves and the things I have learned while working with them.

I hope this answers your question. I do not want to set false expectations. Please be warned that it will be more difficult to develop with Silverlight without Visual Studio. Also be aware that this book does not explicitly cover this approach.


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