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I am working through section 9 and I have a few questions;

In Listing 9.2 Project#removeTask why do we have
task.project = null;
instead of
task.project = Project.NONE;

Same applies for 9.3, but with Locations.

In Listing 9.4 User.as, why do we have notes for a user?
In User#toXML() why do we have
<password_confirmation>password</password_confirmation>? Isn't this supplying the password for both <password> and <password_confirmation>, thereby defeating the whole idea of confirming the password?
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Re: Questions on section 9.2
Also, Inside each Task it has the project to which it belongs Inside each Project we have a list of tasks that belong to the project. This makes a recursive nesting of Tasks and Projects right? Are they all stored as references? How do we know we are updating the correct object, and what impact does it have on memory usage?