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I have made it all the way to the end of section 6.4, but I can't create new Projects or Locations. I added a Pomodo.debug call to try and track down the problem.

<mx:Button label="Submit" width="160" height="30" click="doProjectCreate()"/>

private function doProjectCreate():void {

I have the same code in my TasksCreateBox, and it outputs the message to the debug console, but the ProjectsCreateBox and LocationsCreateBox never seem to fire doProjectCreate and doLocationCreate, respectively. Any ideas?
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Re: Iteration 6 - Can't Create Projects/Locations

Whoopsie! I guess I should have been paying more attention to what is what in the Flex interface. I forgot the the ProjectCreatetBox and LocationCreateBox were in the accordian with the TaskCreateBox. I was hitting the button at the bottom of the ProjectsListBox. Feel free to blast me, I deserve it.