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jeroend (23) [Avatar] Offline
Hi I just downloaded the example source code, although I've quite some eclipse experience, I'm stuck at this moment after 1.5 hours investigating and browsing internet and fora.

I successfully imported the project into eclipse by symlinking the projects/ch03 directory to stages/chapter-02/open18. Works well, everything imports fine, apart from an error on explode.launch which is said to be unavailable but I've seen this file with my own eyes in the very root of the project. I choose to ignore this message.

Now the whole process is ant driven so I opened the ant view, I'm used to mouse click my targets from there to execute the ant script, however this is not working for me. Apparently everytime I touch a file, the file is added as the default launch configuration to the ant build of the external tools dialog, making the execution of my desired ant target choke with the message: The file does not exist for the external tool named [last file touched], removing this configuration from the ant build in the external tool dialog makes it run again.
Any suggestions what I'm missing? As I've seen no other people on the thread have experienced same behavior I'm pretty sure I've overlooked something in the readme, or book but for now Its driving me nuts...


ant 1.7.0
eclipse 3.3
mac os x 10.4.9
java 1.5.0_13

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