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I have created a EntityBean using Xdoclet 1.2.3.

I use the session Facade design pattern.

Bean Class is: NodeBean.java implements EntityBean
CMP Class is: NodeCMP extends NodeBean
Data class is: NodeData (which has all the getters and setters of bean entities)

This NodeCMP is generated by Xdoclet. I has a method named getData() which returns an object of type NodeData.

I want to know the actuall use of the generated CMP class which is said as CMP layer.

Also, How do I call the getData method in the NodeCMP class? I ask this because we dont call any methods in the Bean class as the container does these things for us. Since this NodeCMP is a derived class of NodeBean, Can we access it directly without going through the component interface?

Please help me out to understand the CMP layer and concept behind it.

Thanks in Advance,