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This post will contains all my observations regarding the chapter 3.

1. Table 3.5 (examples of combined typed signature using unary and binary operations).
@Secured @Sensitive * is a valid type signature but you said that (@Secured && @Sensitive) is not a valid signature. Can you give a small explanation why it is not a valid signature ? If Collection || Map is a valid signature, logically @Secured && @Sensitive it should be also a valid signature.

2. Figure 3.4 and Figure 3.5. As is said in the text, these modifiers are optional. So it would be a nice enhancement to have this information into the figure.

3. Table 3.7 (Examples of method signature based on annotations); A typo in the description of the signature * * (@Sensitive (*)). In the description you spoke about the @Secured annotation not the @Sensitive; The same mistake is done on the last example also.

4. "Take sick pointcuts to a doctor" paragraph. You spoke about the Crosscutting Reference view. I think you missed to tell that it's about the Crosscutting Reference view of the AJDT plug-in. Maybe it should also be said that this is working if the ajc compiler is used but it wont work if LTW (Load Time Weaving) is used.

that's all for instance,

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Re: comments about the chapter 3
Thanks, Adrian.

I will incorporate this feedback during the next revision.