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I have used the SCWCD Exam Study Kit, second edition book to study for the SCWCD 1.5 version exam. The book is quite good & I passed the exam with 84% but here I would like to mention some shortcomings of this book which are quite important for the exam.

1. Methods getCookies() of HttpServletRequest & addCookie() of HttpServletResponse which are very important from exam point of view are not being discussed in detail in the book. I myself had questions on these methods related to cookies in the exam.

2. HttpSessionAttributeListener class in not being discussed in Chapter 8 Session Management under the pretext that its being discussed in Chapter 6 where it is actually not discussed.

3. The subelement "variable" of the tag element of a tld file is not being discussed at all. In the tag files section of Chapter 17, under the "variable" directive section on Page 366 it is being said that the attributes of variable directive are same as that of the variable subelement which actually isn't being discussed at all.

4. What is the "jsp:attribute" tag on Page 370 of Chapter 17 which is being used in the example used to explain the jsp:invoke action?

I guess the above mentioned points aren't being reviewed by the technical review team of the book. I request them to consider these points & correct them/provide information through the authors as & where appropriate.

Abhijit Waghmode.