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dialloma (72) [Avatar] Offline
Hello all,

I'm using GWT to develop a complex application using Server Side Code. But I want to develop my client side before developping the server side code. My client side code receive the XML file from server. So before I implement the server side code, I want to test my client side. So I want to know hows can I use a XML file in client side to simulate de response of server. Wich class can I use to do this, and how can I use it.

Thank you in advance
adam.tacy (269) [Avatar] Offline
Re: GWT and ressources files !
Hi Dialloma,

There are probably many ways you can do this (apart from reading a file directly using java io on the client side).

I would suggest you build your application with all the plumbing to talk to the server, except you would "return" your test XML file instead of a proper server side code response. By "returning" I mean something like:

a) Having the response as a string inside your server connecting code
b) Having the response as a string in an external class file you instantiate and access in your server connecting code
c) Have your server connect code actually talk to a server, but it returns your XML file rather than calculating a response

As said, many ways of skinning this cat, just depends on how much of your server connection code you want to build now - you're going to have to do it anyway....