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On iteration 3, I can create new accounts from the login page. If I use incorrect information on the login page, I get an error. If I try to add an account twice (as I tried with Peter due the the error I will describe next) I get an error the second submittal. When I checked the database manually, the record was there, so the error message was correct, it could not add the record. However, when I create the account, or login with proper credentials, the screen does nothing. I do not get the TODO page at all!

Debugging: reversed the order of the items in the ViewStack so mainBox listed first. I assumed that without being told otherwise the viewstack would always pick the first from the list... I was correct, and upon rebuild and refreshing my browser, I got the TODO page. Knowing that it was not a bad MainBox.mxml, I put Pomodo.mxml back the way it was.

Debugging 2: I added an import for an AlertBox into Pomodo.mxml in both handlexxx functions to alert me when these got called... rebuild and refreshed the browser. Tried a valid login, and no alert box was displayed.

Debugging 3: Went into both AccountCreateBox.mxml and LoginBox.mxml and added an alert between the else and the dispatchEvent to alert me that an alert was about to be thrown... rebuild and refreshed the browser. Tried a valid login, the alert box on the throw was displayed, but again, nothing on the catch.

Now I know which interaction is not working, but no clue how to fix it.

Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron)
FlexBuilder 3 in Eclipse
Firefox 3.0 beta3 (I have not upgraded this machine to the new FF yet)