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Using windows 2000, flex 3 Version 3.0.0 build 477. I see that this is an adobe bug but I am not sure how to implement the workaround. Any thoughts?

Error: No class registered for interface 'mx.resources::IResourceManager'.
at mx.core::Singleton$/getInstance()
at mx.resources::ResourceManager$/getInstance()
at mx.containers.utilityClasses::Layout$iinit()
at mx.containers.utilityClasses::BoxLayout$iinit()
at mx.containers::Box$iinit()
at mx.containers::HBox$iinit()
at Pomodo$iinit()

Bug from adobe:
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Re: IResourceManager error on iteration4 and 5
This doesn't look like the same bug: you are in an Application (Pomodo).

That said, from that trace I have no clue what the solution is. Does it work in Flex Builder 3?
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Re: IResourceManager error on iteration4 and 5
I am using the command line compiler. I ended up copying everything from the sample app/flex and public/bin folders. Compiled again, copied my swf to public/bin and it works. Not sure what the problem was but now I can continue with the book. Thanks.