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Not much happening.
The editor needs to get the cattle prongs out!!
jeffc666 (5) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Progress
No kidding. I bought this over a year ago and there has been zero progress. This was my initial attempt at using the MEAP program and it is a leaving a very sour taste in my mouth. At the time I made the purchase the expected publication date was 2/08 ( now it is 2/09. How much further out will it go?!?!

At what point can we qualify for a refund?

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jeffc666 (5) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Progress
SOA is going to have crashed off of the far end of the Gartner hype-curve by the time this book is released (or the MEAP version even updated!)

Lame. I guess no one actually reads this forum.

At least I learned a lesson, to never buy into the MEAP again.
mwbell77 (1) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Progress
I purchased my MEAP subscription back in November of 2007. I haven't received a single update since. This will be the last MEAP subscription for me. If anyone from Manning is monitoring this thread, take a look at sourcebeat dot com to see how electronic book subscriptions can be done right!
arnonrgo (62) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Progress
Hello to all

Sorry for the long wait, I understand your aggravation fully. I am sure if it was the other way around I'd be mad as well.
That said, I am human and since circumstances in my life changed (sometime around chapter 5 as you may guess) I didn't have the time/energy to continue. I also tried to find a co-author but most of the people I thought would be a good fit (experience etc.) were too busy. I did team with Eric Bruno but he also had some problems so his writing got stuck too.
I am currently working on one of the anti-pattern chapters and I hope to release a draft of one of them on my blog (both Dr. Dobbs and sometime this or the next week (since the structure is different for anti-patterns and patterns I hope to get some feedback on that)
I really hope you got some value from the chapters released thus far and, of course, that I (along with Eric) be able to bring this book to completion

Again sorry for the long wait