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I have some web pages (jsp) which are used to generate text and associated graphs. These texts are in a table and left aligned. And the relevant graph is right aligned. These graphs are generated using swift charts.

Is there a way of including both text and graphs(which are images) to a PDF file?

I also would like to know that, can we use jsp as a input streem to creat PDF files.


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Re: creating PDF from both text and images
First of all it's obvious that you didn't read this message:

As for your question, I really don't understand what you are asking, especially since you are posting it on THIS forum, meaning you own a copy of the book.

"Is there a way of including text and graphs to a PDF file?"
Er... isn't that what the book is about? Do you expect me to copy/paste the book in this forum?

"Can we use JSP as an input stream to create PDF files?"
JSP files are source code files that are compiled to Java Servlets and that can be used to output any kind of content. If that content is HTML, you could read chapter 14 and learn what I write about converting HTML to PDF; if that content is plain text, you could read chapter 7; if it's images, you should read chapter 5;...

Really, your questions are very strange. You should rephrase them and post them on the right place.