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ventureall (1) [Avatar] Offline
Hi, I'm new to reporting services. My report has 3 groups in it. I need to create table of contents for the 3rd group, for example, Name, like:

Name - the page number of the report where this name starts.

In addition to this I need when the table of contents starts pages start in alphabetical order form "a", like Page (a), Page (b) and so on. I wrote the following function in the code:

Shared CurrPageNo as integer =0
Shared ContentPageNo as integer =0

Public Function CurrentPageNumber(ByVal PagesLeft as integer,ByVal HasTableOfContentStart as string) AS String

dim strPageLabel as string

strPageLabel = "Page "

if (HasTableOfContentStart ="Y")
if (PagesLeft > 0)
ContentPageNo = ContentPageNo +1
end if
end if

CurrPageNo = CurrPageNo +1

if (HasTableOfContentStart ="Y")
strPageLabel = "Page (" & Chr(96+ContentPageNo) & ")"
strPageLabel = strPageLabel & CurrPageNo
end if

Return strPageLabel

End Function

the textbox in the report footer where I call the function has the following expression: =Code.CurrentPageNumber(Globals!TotalPages - Globals!PageNumber + 1, ReportItems!textbox55.Value)

//ReportItems!textbox55.Value="Y" - means the we are in the table of content

I forgot to mention that I have table of contents in the second table on the same report.
When I preview in HTML I see pages for the Table of Contents start from Page (a) as it should, but when I print report the first page on the Table of contents starts from Page (i) and so on.

Please help!!!. Thanks