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EricPope (3) [Avatar] Offline
Hi Folks,
I'm trying out the PowerShell hosting example application from MSDN:

"Creating a Console Application that Implements PSHostRawUserInterface"

I copied the code into my C# console application and it compiled and ran just fine. However, I had a problem when I tried to use the built-in debugging features of PowerShell. Here's an example:

PSConsoleSample: Set-PSDebug -trace 2

PSConsoleSample: 1+1

In the PowerShell.exe host you would see a debug message between the "1+1" and the "2" that says "Debug: 1+ 1+1."

So, my question is, what changes do I need to make to the msdn example so that it will output the debug trace messages to the console?

EricPope (3) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Getting Debug Messages In my Custom Console Host Application
Here's the solution:
I figured out that the debug setting only applies to commands that have "add to history" set to true. So, instead of creating the pipleines as they do in the msdn example, like this:

currentPipeline = myRunSpace.CreatePipeline();

... you should create them like this:

currentPipeline = myRunSpace.CreatePipeline(cmd , true);

The "true" in the CreatePipeline method sets "add to history" to true. If you use an overload without the boolean or set it to false then your host will not recieve writedebug callbacks for those commands.