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Welcome to the Author forum. My name is Rod Colledge, and I'm the author. I'm very keen for any comments that you may have, good and bad!

I'm currently writing chapter 6. Most of the book is unwritten at this stage, so there's plenty of opportunities for you to help shape the rest of the book.

Rod Colledge.
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Re: Welcome!
This is a great book.
Keep the chapters coming smilie
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Re: Welcome!
Hello! I just bought the book and read the first pages. It is a great book! Props!

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Re: Welcome!
Thanks for the feedback! We're entering the final stages now, with the book due to be published in the next few months.

In the meantime, I'm constantly adding new links to I'm also blogging at

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Re: Welcome!
This book paid for itself IMO in its coverage of Failover Clustering, and its direction to further resources at the end of the chapter. Not many authors can provide deep insight into a subject matter succintly.

Thank you Rod
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Re: Welcome!
That's great feedback, thank you very much smilie