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slindee (28) [Avatar] Offline
How would Linq be coded to return the Identity value generated in this sp:
ALTER Procedure [dbo].[InsertPerson]
@LastName varchar (35),
@FirstName varchar (25),
@PersonID int OUTPUT
VALUES @LastName,
For starters:
Dim dc As New dcPersonDataContext
Dim insert As New tblPerson
With insert
.LastName = LastName
.FirstName = FirstName
.PersonID = ?
End With
Lee Dumond (29) [Avatar] Offline
Re: How to return Identity value in Insert
After the call to SubmitChanges, you still have the reference to the inserted instance available. Therefore, you can access its ID after it has been inserted.

For example:

Public Function InsertPerson(ByVal firstName As String, ByVal lastName As String) As Integer

Dim insert As New tblPerson()
insert.FirstName = firstName
insert.Lastname = lastName

Dim dc As New TBHDataContext

Return insert.PersonID

End Function
Martillo (4) [Avatar] Offline
Re: How to return Identity value in Insert

Very cool!

Also, see this ScottGu post for another approach, especially if you want to call the stored procedure and retrieve the output parameter: