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I'm trying to get Chapter 11 to run. I get the Amazon data but I get the following error : Invalid column name 'SubjectId'. Invalid column name 'PublisherId'.
at :
foreach(DataGridViewRow row in rows) {
row.DefaultCellStyle.BackColor = Color.LightGray;
row.Cells[0].ReadOnly = true;
row.Cells[1].Value = "** Already Exists ** - " + row.Cells[1].Value;

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Re: Can't get Chapter 11 to work.
Hello Steve,

Sorry for the delay in responding. Let me download the source code we have posted and check a couple things out. It sounds like the version of the database you are running the sample against isn't lining up with the version that the sample you are running expects.

I'll follow up shortly.

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Re: Can't get Chapter 11 to work.
Which database are you using to try the samples? From my investigation it appears that the database that is used for the LINQ to XML samples is missing from the source code download.

We'll try and get an update released shortly. Since we already have two separate databases being used in the source code I'll try and sync them up to reduce the pain of working with the samples. I'll report back here when a new zip file is available.

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Re: Can't get Chapter 11 to work.
This issue is fixed in the updated download file. It was not a problem with the database, but with the LINQ to SQL design file (.dbml).
I ran into this issue today and finally fixed it. Sorry for the delay.