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JayDS (3) [Avatar] Offline
This is more of a stylistic question, I guess. I've just started using iText to generated some reports, and I need to include a header on each page, and it appears easiest to use a table for the information.

I am wondering if it makes any difference if I do multiple rows in the table or if I do multiple lines within a cell and just have one row. Is it "better" to do it one way or the other? Does it make a difference? I won't be using a border, so that is one thing that doesn't matter.

As I said, I'm new to this, so please point out even the obvious things. Thanks!
blowagie (284) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Question: better if many lines of text in one cell or many rows?
There is no 'better' solution.

I use one cell with several lines when all the lines have the same alignment, so that I can use a single Paragraph. But in practice, this doesn't happen very often. Most of the times my header is only one line, or it's more complicated.

I use different rows when it's more complicated, for instance: the first row spans the complete table width (a cell with colspan 3), the second row consists of 3 cells of which the first one has to be left aligned, the second one centered and the third one right aligned.

I use the 3 cell row very often for headers or footers.