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I've added login and account creation functionality to pomodo. Account creation works fine. But even after I've created an account (and verified via sql), login always returns "badlogin." I've traced out the Flex part--it supplies username and password. And I've made sure that the rails code is right (finally just getting ahold of the pdf and just cut-and-pasting to make sure that the session controller was right).

Here's the log:

Processing SessionsController#create_xml (for at 2008-04-25 18:34:0smilie [POST]
Session ID: BAh7BzoMdXNlcl9pZDAiCmZsYXNoSUM6J0FjdGlvbkNvbnRyb2xsZXI6OkZs%0AYXNoOjpGbGFzaEhhc2h7AAY6CkB1c2VkewA%3D--202e8f18718fc6fbd0daf5b78359b6e349acb49b
Parameters: {"action"=>"create_xml", "controller"=>"sessions", "password"=>"foooo", "login"=>"ludwig"}
User Load (0.001304) SELECT * FROM `users` WHERE (login = 'ludwig' and activated_at IS NOT NULL) LIMIT 1
Completed in 0.06827 (14 reqs/sec) | Rendering: 0.00007 (0%) | DB: 0.00130 (1%) | 200 OK [http://localhost/sessions/create_xml]

It looks successful. But I would not know.

One thing I did was include the activation plugin with the restful_authentication gem. Because I plan on using it eventually, so I wanted to take a look. Could that inclusion be preventing the login service? All the code I see, however, is identical to the book's code.

One stray fact: In FB, a bunch of errors show up for the restful_authentication files, like this for activation.html.erb: unexpected "=". Here is the file:

<%%= @<%= file_name %>.login %>, your account has been activated. You may now start adding your plugins:

<%%= @url %>

That looks like activation templates that is not working for some reason.

Any help greatly appreciated,

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I destroyed and reinstalled the plugin without the activation option. I also opened the problematic files in RadRails/Aptana, and they were not problematic anymore--and in any case, not related to activation, as far as I can see--almost all are templates for "authenticated."

I'm pretty sure these files are not the problem in any case--the new users and hello world scripts ran fine.
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downloaded code, now works
And I suppose that is good enough.

This strange book is like one of those detailed blog-post how-tos--except this particular post is nearly 600 pages. I'm learning so much my brain hurts.
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Re: downloaded code, now works
I'm glad -- I love quotes like that smilie