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jpschroeder (2) [Avatar] Offline
I'm brand new to the board, so hello to everyone. This problem is somewhat a css issue and somewhat a javascript issue I was really unimpressed by most of the opensource calendar options so I decided to write my own (I will release it when I'm finished) and use scriptaculous and prototype to power all the pretty ajax and effects. I've been working on it for about a week now, and have run into an issue with drag/drop via scriptaculous. Its actually quite a simple problem really, but I don't know how to fix it.

On page load I instantiate the Draggable elements (every event), and the Droppable elements (each day's TD). The problem is, that when scriptaculous makes an element droppable, it sets its "position:relative" on that object. Normally, this wouldn't be an issue, but for some reason, in internet explorer, and in firefox, every element that has position:relative set and is rendered AFTER the that specific Draggable element is on a higher "layer", and thus when dragging over them, the draggable element is hidden underneath. This is kinda hard to explain in words, please check out the calendar in development here:

try to drag an event on a specific day (fyi firebug makes dragging slow), if you drag it over days that were rendered BEFORE the event, it is visible, but it is hidden underneath on days rendered AFTER the have position:relative. I've tried playing with the z-index on elements to fix this but to no avail. If anyone has any ideas of what to do I would REALLY appreciate it. Thanks