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Need to understand the search filtering provided by IBM:
Is it possible to search for users within a particular group matching to an attribute value in one shot?
For example to search for all users under Group 'A' having lastname='XYZ'

Also want to know is there a way to pass more than one attribute in the search using PUMA. Currently i think we can pass only one attribute using the findUsersByAttribute() method.

Also can we pass conditions in the search. e.g. fetch all users created between 04/10/08 and 04/11/08

If all the above is not possible, i have LDAP AD connected to my Websohere Portal 6. Can i use LDAP API directly to fetch users with more than one attribute. In that case the fall back is i need to store the groupmembership also as an attribute to satisfy my first example given above.

Pls correct me if am wrong and help me in this regard. Thanks in advance.