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PaoloTCS (5) [Avatar] Offline
Hello Again,

I have been greatly enjoying your book, but as always, my "need-to-know" is fa ahead of what I have covered so far. So, here is the situation:

I have a ListView with an OnSelecting (OnSelecting="LinqDataSource1_Selecting")

Here is the associated VB:

Dim ArtistID2 As String = Request.QueryString("ArtistID")

Dim ArtByArtist = From Artist In db.Artists _
Join Art In db.Artworks On Artist.ArtistID Equals Art.ArtistID _
Join Media In db.Medias On Art.ArtworkID Equals Media.ArtworkID _
Where Artist.ArtistID = ArtistID2 _
Select FullName = Artist.FirstName & " " & Artist.LastName, Art.ArtworkID, Art.ArtworkName, _
Art.Title, Art.Image, Art.Description, Art.Price, Art.DimensionHeight, Art.DimensionWidth, _
Art.ParentID, Art.ArtistID, zMedia = Media.MediaLocation
e.Result = ArtByArtist

The page is being fed an ArtistID, and the table Artwork data is working fine, I can insert without difficulty. I am having difficulty in trying to fill the related table Media. In the Insert part of the ListView, I can sucesslfully insert all the material in the Artwork table, but it fails on inserts on the Media table. Here is an excerpt from the Insert template:


<asp:TextBox ID="ImageTextBox" runat="server" Text='<%# Bind("Image") %>' />



<asp:TextBox ID="tbzMedia" runat="server" Text='<%# Bind("zMedia") %>' />



Question, How can I insert into the related table? (In the Link to Sql I constructed the relationships).

Thank you, and Merci Bien,