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trifonius (39) [Avatar] Offline
I understand that some examples will be provided in C# / .NET, but as you state in a reaction somewhere, the book will be "light" on C#.NET examples.

Are other platforms treated more elaborate? I'm really interested in DI but if there is not enough attention on the .NET framework I'm a bit hesitant about participating / buying the book.
dhanji.prasanna (37) [Avatar] Offline
Re: C# / .NET

Most of the material in this book is about architectural and design patterns. Best practices, pitfalls, traps and so on--these are universally applicable and trivial to translate from Java to C#. Particularly in the case of Spring and PicoContainer which are almost identical between the two platforms.

Unfortunately there isn't a viable .NET equivalent of Guice (Ninject may become that) so some of the design patterns can only be shown in Java. However, most of these are software engineering ideas that apply everywhere.

Think of the Gang of Four Design Patterns book--all examples are in C++, but it is equally relevant to all OO platforms and languages.