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Greetings and kudos to you sirs on writing such a thorough book. I'm frustrated and about to give up on GWT and here's why. I develop almost anything - I coded the Flash video engines found on the and az cardinals NFL site...I write CMS systems with PHP/MySQL, etc etc. From all that I read this stuff should be a cakewalk. I d/l'd the gwt kit, and after much trial and error figured out how to get it to generate site/structure. I couldn't find any tutorials out there that would lead by example - only the highest level stuff. So I found myself buying this book because of all the examples I saw in it! Too bad I've made the Tic Tac Toe one work and that's it! I started moving into Chapter 2 and immediately nothing works. I entered in the code off the pages twice and got piles of errors in Eclipse both times. Then I came here and downloaded your files - got a whole other pile of errors. Then read the forum, it said try these other source files - and yes, a whole other pile of different errors. And take my word - I'm not the average doofus...not a hard core programmer, but no slacker either.

Is it not possible to use this system simply? As in, generate a project structure, import the classes you're interested in, place the proper code and shazaam? Like the simple Hello World app...? Am I dreaming or just moronic?

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Re: Mind numbing.
OK..having gone through some deeper pages of posts I see others have had similar and sometimes identical problems as I have. Apologies for my negative post, diving back in!