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hvtranho (1) [Avatar] Offline
Hi everyone,
I am learning GWT and thus trying to get things work on my Mac and Eclipse. The example application DashBoard does not work for me: each time when DashBoard-shell starts, the browser (gwt browser I guess) appears only for appr. 3 seconds then disappears. On the Eclipse console I don't see any error messages. The same thing happens if I start the application in Eclipse.

My environment:

Mac OS 10.5
jdk 1.5.0_13
Eclipse 3..3..2
GWT 1.4.61

Thank you,
dialloma (72) [Avatar] Offline
Re: DashBoard-shell does not work

You can change the port on wich GWT run. I think the problem is here. If the 8888 is used by anaother application, GWT cannot work on it. Yo must change it on the eclipse configuration.
adam.tacy (269) [Avatar] Offline
Re: DashBoard-shell does not work
Hi Hvtranho,

There is an issue with Leopard and GWT, which seems to cover your situation exactly:

"...The hosted mode does not work in Leopard. In my case, the browser pops up for a second, but quickly disappears. There does not appear to be any useful details given stdout or stderr when it exits/crashes, nor is there anything useful that shows up in"

Reading through the comments in the issue if you download the specific 1.4.62 release from here,, you should get it working.

Release 1.5 will not have this issue, so I understand.

Hope that helps!