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vlefur (12) [Avatar] Offline
As several DI frameworks are used along, is it possible to make available the complete working codes and their related xml files for each chapter ?
Other than that, the six first MEAP chapters show a great potential of the future book. Good work. (4) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Source code for examples
I strongly second the suggestion that complete, working code be available. I am always skeptical of code fragments since the missing, "obvious" parts may not be as obvious to me as they are to the author.

Further, I recommend a tool to extract code into the book from complete working examples. That increases the chances that the code you show in the book really works. If you take the code from the book and make your working code, there is a STRONG temptation to "improve" the code in the text without unit testing it.

Somewhere you need to document under what versions of everything it works for you, since some of the tools may be fragile with respect to versions or with respect to different versions of other tools.

George Corliss
dhanji.prasanna (37) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Source code for examples

These are very good points. I will have a chat to my editor about them shortly. Hopefully, we can ship fully working code examples, with versioned libraries where applicable, in the final draft.

I'll pay extra attention to the integrity of the code listings and the accompanying samples.

dhanji.prasanna (37) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Source code for examples
What do you guys think of having downloadable source code for some of the more important listings only?

There are a lot of "spot" examples, where the aspect of DI is slight compared to the rest of the application (which would be needed to make a working app). For example, web and servlet -based applications that use specific APIs as illustrative cases.

vlefur (12) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Source code for examples
Good idea of several downloadable source codes of more important size to be extended at will as I move along.
markrbower (13) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Source code for examples
Any progress on code containing working examples? I am working through the book, enjoying it immensely, learning a great deal and eager to put things into practice. When I try to fire up an example to watch the magic happen, however, it is a chore even finding which file contains "main"! Source code in the download is scattered across a range of files with uninformative names (e.g.,, Some code is in chapter folders, other code is in the main folder, and most of the code is just fragments. Some organization would be greatly appreciated. And, yes, if you had just a few working examples, that would help readers fix and fill-in the missing parts in the remaining examples.
exhortae (1) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Source code for examples

I just started reading the book, seems like a nice book but I have to agree that the source code provided is deficient. the c0 directory has no files in it, the file is empty. And when I started the 2.2 example in the book I was unable to find the source code.

It would be really nice to have full working code examples with a good directory structure.