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I have a test.html page which uses the contentloader.js (from Ajax in action) to send a request to a webserver and parse the server response.
This works fine, the server gets the request and presents the expected response.
Now my problem:
For internet explorer it is possible to create a toolbar button using registry keys. (see
In the 'scripts' value of the registry key of that toolbar button, I added a link test.js.
Test.js uses the same javascript functions I use in test.html to send an AJAX request.
The problem is executing the script by clicking the toolbar button I never get the status 'READY_STATE_COMPLETE' (4).
It only presents two times 'READY_STATE_LOADING' (1).

But I need also to get the request finished to execute a certain function that parses the result.

Does anybody know why it works using the test.html but not if I click the toolbar button and run same JS functions?

Any help is highly appreciated, thanks in advance!

Best regards!