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Re: PDF Format
> I bought this book through the Early Access Program
> and I'm very impressed. Just what I was looking for.
> Good work!

That's good to hear smilie

We're in the final stages now... I'm currently fixing up the index with my proof reader...

> One thing I've been wondering: Would it be possible
> for you guys to make available a "small" page
> version? I.e. formatted for a much narrower page.
> The reason being that I'm reading this on a mobile
> device - an iPod Touch specifically and although the
> PDF comes through beautifully the pages are simply
> too wide for reading since you have to scroll
> horizontally.

Interesting idea. I've no idea how much effort that would be, but I can certainly ask. I would imagine that devices like that will be more and more important to publishers, so if you're lucky C# in Depth could be a pilot book smilie

> I know there's probably no chance in hell but I
> though I'd put the question out there.

Always worth asking! I'll post again when I've spoken to the production team. Obviously we won't let it take time away from getting the full book out as soon as possible, but after that who knows...

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Re: PDF Format
I am also interested in a version of the book that can be read on a portable device. The PDF format is too wide for my Android phone. Maybe you could add some kind of ebook format which would adjust the column width to the screen width?
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Re: PDF Format
There are already alternatives - if you've got one version, you can get the others: