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At this time i am developing a web application, and i want to work with itext to create PDF Files. My development environment is on Windows XP, with NetBeans IDE 6.0, j2re1.4.2_05, j2ee.jar. I want to know which are the steps to work with Itex inside NetBeans, because i was trying to use itext and it doesnt work in the web browser.
I mean do you have an example of a web application working? and do you have the steps to do for work in Windows?? like Classpath or what should i do?

Thanks for the information
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Re: How to?
Please read this first:

Please search the archives or post a new question to
This question has already been answered on the official iText mailing list AND there are examples on the site:

You'll find more examples in the free online tutorial and on the site with the book examples: (login is necessary)

Making iText work with NetBeans or with an application server is a piece of cake, but I can't explain every developer personally how to do it, certainly not at this time of grief and worries.