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tgilbert (1) [Avatar] Offline
Page 313, Figure 10.1
1) For the -ReadCount definition "The total number of objects to read" is identical to -TotalCount instead of being the number of objects to pass through the pipeline at a time
2) For the -Encoding definition, shouldn't "while" be "file" in "The encoding to use when reading the while"

I also noticed that "get-help get-content -detailed" does not include the list for "The following lists the acceptable values for this parameter:" under the -encoding section, although it does list the values in the SYNTAX section.

page 355, Listing 11.6
"$connection.close()" should be "$conn.close()"

Thanks for a great book and a very useful product.

Tim Gilbert
willabr (2) [Avatar] Offline
Re: page 355-366 Listing 11.6
would the line:

If ($connection is [string])

if($connection -is [string])

The same for the other one

if ($connection is [System.Data.SqlClient.SqlConnection]

if ($connection -is [System.Data.SqlClient.SqlConnection]


Where is the value for $string coming from, in the line:

$conn.ConnectionString = $string

Should it be ?

$conn.ConnectionString = $connection

Thanks for all you work, I have really learned alot from this book!