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Table 1.1 shows the book doesn't cover JBoss Seam although the book description says as follows:

"Beyond coverage of the core application server, the book also teaches you how to use some of the “hot” technologies that run on top of the application server, such as JBoss Seam and JBoss Portal."

And Section 1.1 also has the similar sentence:

"The majority of this book covers JBoss AS 5, while select chapters cover other “hot” technologies such as JBoss Portal and JBoss Seam that can run on top of
the application server."

BTW, Amazon recommends "JBoss in Action" + "JBoss Seam in Action" for me smilie

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Re: Seam covered?
I doubt you could run Seam ootb at the time the book was released.
We only started testing it with 5.0.0.Beta3.
And we had to make a few changed due to the VFS usage.

The recent Beta4 also works with Seam, but this one is even trickier to get it running. smilie
Since we changed the entire classloading layer - no more URLClassloader - a few things had to be rewritten inside Seam as well.
Not to mention the broken external libs with the NoCopy setting in VFS. smilie
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Re: Seam covered?
Although it would be fitting to have a discussion of Seam's philosophy and where it fits into the JBoss picture, I think more than that would be pages not well spent. When I first started writing Seam in Action, I thought I could cover it in a couple of months. That couple of months has turned into a year, and the manual for Seam has doubled in that time. Seam is a seriously big topic and the only way to do it justice is to have a book that focuses on it entirely. I have resisted the urge to cover tangential topics in Seam in Action just because if I come up short, then readers will have no options.

I highly recommend having both JBoss in Action and Seam in Action if you want to use Seam. Just as there is no way you could cover all of Seam in a chapter, there is no way I could even begin to write about JBoss AS and give you what you need to know. In fact, a point I am making to Manning is that we need to stop writing just one book on a framework and start to split it into more than one book because I cannot tell you how much information is on the floor with the clippings.

Of course, in all of this I don't want to sound like I am trying to make you buy two books. Hell, for the price of the books and what you can charge per hour more after reading them, the money is just a handshake.
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Re: Seam covered?
Our contract with the published called for 500 pages. When we got done we had 600 pages. The Seam chapter was one of two chapters that was sacrificed to reduce the page count. Of course, a single chapter (30 pages) on Seam hardly does it justice. Also, the book is mainly about configuration, not application development, and thus the Seam chapter was out-of-place.

Besides, Seam in Action is a great book, so if you want to learn about Seam get it.

Oh, and we are cleaning up references to the chapters that are no longer present. At some point the MEAP should be updated to relfect that.