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ancientlore (4) [Avatar] Offline
I am loving the book so far - this is a really good work on the topic.

I think there is a better example that could be used on page 113 on global generic functions. I found the example slightly contrived, because you would never need to write the static function version as a generic method. You would probably write it as a part of the generic Stack class:

static void MoveStack(Stack<T>^ source, Stack<T>^ dest)

Then it is easily invoked without the extra Stack<anytypename> in front:

Stack<String^>::MoveStack(source, dest);

I think there is another example though - say you want to convert one type of stack to another. That makes a really good global generic function:

generic<typename T1, typename T2>
void MoveStack(Stack<T1>^ source, Stack<T2>^ dest)
while (source->Count() > 0)

You call it like:

MoveStack<int, long>(source, dest);

As long as both stack types contain elements that can be converted with a safe_cast, you're all set.