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jcmorris-mts (4) [Avatar] Offline
Hi All,
Let's say that I wanted to build a custom CRUD interface to a mySQL database and I only want registered users to be able to access the app. What is the appropriate pardigm in GWT for building this? Normally, I'd think of the views that I'd need to dispatch if this were a Struts app or something, but all of those would still be part of the same web app. In GWT, unless I'm misunderstanding something, you construct an application for each kind of user-facing functionality that you want to support. (i.e. write a login app, a registration app, a CRUD app, etc.) Would someone help me sort this out? Meanwhile, I'll keep looking at the examples and docs.


Update: I get it now that a GWT app can be constructed from a main app and "helper" apps by partitioning the whole app into modules. I have a bad feeling that this question is going to degrade into a RTFD, but any tips and suggestions are still welcome.

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robert.hanson (173) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Newbie Question: Constructing Applications
You can handle security just like any other web app... because it really just is a web app.

I typically use a filter on the server for security, and have it reject any connection that doesn't have a User object in the session scope. I have also used Acegi, which does this out of the box.

For Perl I use Apache::Session, and do the same thing, putting a user ID in the session.

You might find something useful here: