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There seems to be various names used for these throughout the book i.e
[int] 123 | gm -static

This previous post mentions them, and that the list is fixed in v1. The list in the book (table 3.4) appears to miss [math], [datetime], [wmi], [wmisearcher]. EIther that, or there are differences in between type alias/shortcuts/accelerators that I'm not seeing (and hence they don't appear in the table ?)

Could you please indicate if they are one and the same ? Is their a way to discovery them in powershell ? (I tried grepping the .ps1xml files to see if these shortcuts were all somehow defined in there - but I think maybe they are buried in the object adapter code ??) If they aren't presently discoverable - then is there an updated list ? (I've been spoilt by powershell's discoverability and now I expect complete reflection !!)

PS: Any hints on whether powershell will be installed by default on OS's other than Server 2008 ? v2 remoting is great, if it and powershell are installed (i.e working within the context of your own companies network) but being able to use the powershell skills at any windows box will really make it take off for users like me.