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PayamFard (23) [Avatar] Offline
I have a GWT application that is working fine in both development and
deployment modes on my machine. I have basically checked in all the
generated files under www/mypackage folder.

Now, when I make any GWT changes and compile the code to generate the
Javascript, I am still okay on my local machine, meaning I get all the
changes, etc. and things are working fine. But when I check in the
files that are changed or the new version of the files as a result of
the new compilation, things do not work if someone builds the code off
of the checked in code!

* What could be wrong with the way I am doing this?
* My question is what generated files should be checked in using GWT
such that using a build script, other developers can check out the
latest code and build it.
* Do I need to have my build script modified to compile the javascript
code from Java as part of the build process or should I first compile
the code using the GWT provided script and then have my build file
merely copy the generated code to my application war file?
* What is the best practice here?
adam.tacy (269) [Avatar] Offline
Re: What to check in?

When you make changes in your Java code, then all the generated files will change (by generated I guess you mean the JavaScript files etc?).

For me I see the Java code as my source and the JavaScript as my object code - the only time I trap the object code under onfiguration management is when I have a complete build that is a deliverable; prior to that it makes no sense.

I personally don't generally check in any of the generated code as for me it doesn't make any sense unless I am in the case above- as I have the source checked in I can always revert back to previous versions as necessary.

To answer your second question, you can't really build anything from the generated files - developers should check out source code .

And the third question; yes I would have the build script compile the code and create the WAR file for deployment.

That's just my thoughts.....