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The PDF of our LINQ book has been finalized! You can buy it on Manning's website for $27.50.

There, you'll also find the following documents:
* About This Book
* Table of Contents
* Preface
* Foreword
* Index

We also have sample and bonus chapters awaiting you for free:
* Sample Chapter 1 (Introducing LINQ)
* Sample Chapter 3 (LINQ building blocks)
* Bonus Chapter 14 (Working with LINQ and DataSets)

Finally, the same book home page contains links to the following resources:
* Author/Book Forum
* Book Support Site
* Source Code site
* The Author's blogs

In short, we offer you everything you need to become a LINQ champion smilie

If you bought the ebook during the MEAP (Manning's Early Access Program) and haven't received the updated PDF, you should contact Manning directly.

The paper book is just around the corner now. It's expected for February 1st. The earliest place for people to buy the book will be from Manning's website. The books should then arrive in bookstores and Amazon shortly after. Of course, you can already pre-order the paper book from these places.