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yingxue (3) [Avatar] Offline
When I started Dashboard-shell.cmd on Windows, a client is automatically starting
up. It has 3 menus: Help, Create, Bookmarks. Under Create menu, there are only
4 items: Clock, Search With Google, Video Search and FlexTable Example.
When I click on Search With Google, the server window displays error message:
Failed to create an instance of 'org.gwtbook.client.ui.googleSearch.GoogleSearch' via deferred binding.

What is the problem?

When I run the client from a different machine, I see more menu items under Create: Flash, Book, Browser ...
And there is no error on clicking "Search With Google".

Why the clients displays different menu items and exceptions?
adam.tacy (269) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Different Menu Items
Hi yingxue,

The difference between the Create menu is functionally intentional - the Dashboard has two modes: an intranet and an internet mode.

The internet mode allows access to the restricted set of applications you are seeing on one machine and the intranet mode the additional applications - you can read about how this is done in Chapter 15.5 (Implementing user-defined properties).

Which version you see is driven by a meta property in the Dashboard.html file, which by default in the download is defined as:

<meta name='gwt:property' content='externalvisibility=intranet'>

I would check the Dashboard.html file on the machine where you only get the 4 applications to make sure it is the same as the original download file, which appears to be working fine on your other machine.

I think, though, that you might have a corrupt installation of some kind on your first machine since the Google Search app is failing too.

By default the Dashboard has logging turned on to full, so if you can post the log output that is produced in the Hosted Window when you create the Google Search app I might be able to help more.

(It will be the log data produced under the following entry:
"[DEBUG] Rebinding org.gwtbook.client.ui.googleSearch.GoogleSearch")