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nbaditela (3) [Avatar] Offline
Dear Author,

I bought the book iText in Action just 2 days back hoping that it would answer some of the questions that I have with my current project.

What we are trying to do is create a pdf dynamically on the server using the data from the SQLServer database and then would like to inject 3d content into the pdf at a specified location on the page. The questions that I have in this regard are

1) Can we create a XFA form pdf using iTextSharp
2) Is it possible to inject 3d content into XFA based pdf.

These are the questions that need to be resolved just to start our project. Down the line we are thinking of adding creating comments/Markup to our 3d data. And also would like to add audio/images etc. Also we would like to extract the same(comments/ markup etc) from pdf and would like to submit to database.

Does iTextSharp has any api's to work with 3d content? Appreciate your advise/suggestions.
blowagie (284) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Can we create XFA pdf using iTextSharp
I'm sorry, iText has very limited XFA support.
As a matter of fact, if you're choosing the path of XFA, you're choosing to use Adobe products (for the moment). You'll have to ask the people who chose the XFA path for their motives. Mind you: it's a good choice in some situations, but for the moment it's the expensive choice.
I have more XFA support in the pipeline, but that's not something for the months to come. Of course, if you know the XFA specification very well, you could create your own XFA stream (after all: it's only XML) and use iText to add it to your PDF.
As for the 3D content: it's easy to add 3d annotations to 'traditional PDFs' using iText (but the functionality was added after the book was written). Of course, the question is irrelevant if you opt to create your own XFA XML. In that case, you just have to follow the XFA specification.
nbaditela (3) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Can we create XFA pdf using iTextSharp
Dear Author,

Your reply is encouraging considering the fact that we can add 3d annotation to AcroPDF using iText. Is it true with iTextSharp also? Please give me pointers/references on how to add 3d annotation to PDF using iText.

And also appreciate if you can let me know whether we can achieve the following functionality using iText/iTextSharp.
1)When the user selects a 3D object in the Adobe, we want to show the object properties to the user in a dialog or a properties window. These properties are user defined and are stored in our sql server database. Is it possible to associate the properties to the Adobe 3D object using iText/iTextSharp

2) We want to dynamically add more objects to the existing Adobe 3D model depending on the user needs. Like for example, if we show a building as a 3D model and the user selects a room, and wants to see all the furniture inside, we would like to get all the furniture details from the database on demand.

3)Once the user does a markup, we want to identify all the 3D objects that are lying within the markup area and list the objects to the user. Does iText/iTextSharp has any support for this kind of functionality.

4)Is it possible to extract the markup details, commenting, pictures, audio and other changes that the user has done to the PDF document, programatically and store it in our database associating the details to the respective 3D objects

Some of the questions may be irrelevant or out of the scope of iText/iTextSharp, but please bear with me.
blowagie (284) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Can we create XFA pdf using iTextSharp
These are a lot of questions to answer.
Could you post them to
On this forum, I'm (almost) the only person answering questions.
On the official mailing list, you'll get answers from Paulo Soars,
who wrote a 3D example, and from Leonard Rosenthol, Adobe's
PDF Technical Standards Evangelist. Furthermore you'll reach
about 1400 other iText developers of which some already have
more experience with iText and 3D annotations.
nbaditela (3) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Can we create XFA pdf using iTextSharp
Dear Author,
I have subscribed to the mailing list that you have sent. Hope I can get answers to atleast some of them. In the meantime Can you send me an example/ pointers/references to adding 3d content using iTextSharp.
blowagie (284) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Can we create XFA pdf using iTextSharp