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tugalsan (3) [Avatar] Offline
I have a problem with rendering.

- I created a green sphere
in it there is an appearance class
in it there is a light enabled material class.

- I created dots on the outside of the sphere (latitude from -90 to 0 degrees and longtitude from 0 to 90 degrees)

- I created a colorcube inside the green sphere.

- I construct some keyboard and mouse handlers to see the scene from different point of views.

when I start my code it looks awful. like there is no depth calculation made. Backward objects like some dots and the cube can be seen in the scene.

here is a picture

could you help me a bit?
dselman (104) [Avatar] Offline
It is hard to be sure, but I suspect zFar/zNear for your clipping planes is greater than 1000. The book has some hints on this at pages 18 and 19.

tugalsan (3) [Avatar] Offline
I found it
it stupid but real.

I added this line


then it worked fine

thanks anyway