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In the p16 (meapch13) listing called "loading data from an XML file, querying it and displaying the results", the type XDocument is referenced for the first time, but without any mention as to what it is. For someone who's new to LINQ, perhaps it will be thunk that this is an "XmlDocument" typo or a mock type, or just wondered to what it's referring. Since the next reference to XDocument is hundreds of pages ahead, perhaps it should be mentioned in passing that it's a type that's real and new to the LINQ to XML stuff in the BCL?
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Re: "XDocument" (p16, meapch13)
I'll have a look. The point of chapter 1 is very much that everything is skimmed rather than detailed - I'd have to find some way of bringing it in without it intruding on that.

In some ways, it doesn't really matter if readers think it's a typo: it won't really *matter* in the book until it's later mentioned hundreds of pages later, and the overall impression of LINQ itself remains the same.

As I say, I will have a look at it though and see if there's anything I can do easily.