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I have really enjoyed learning with Flexible Rails and I consider your book as a great value.

However I remain on my hunger about various subjects, especially on chapter 11 Refactoring to RubyAmf. Most of the developers will have to deal with objects graphs to transfer between Rails and Flex but you chose to present just simple object serialization with rubyamf and your synchronization implementation has serious defects. What a pity! And worse, having spent hours by searching the site I did not find any sample to transfer objects graphs. So, I will next spend time to search if WebOrb have a solution, but I guess this was not your idea to convince your reader to move out of rubyamf...

Is it so impossible to demonstrate objects graphs transfer with rubyamf? Also a well polished refactoring with amf could spare us for a bug in Pomodo. Follow me: select the Tasks panel, then the Show: "Tasks in Project:" popup and at its right the "music" popup value. Then, on the project column of one project in the tasks list change the project popup from "music" to another value. When updated the list of all user's tasks is displayed but we were expecting only the tasks on the "music" project. It appears that the full list of projects is reloaded from Rails with rubyamf and therefore a new "music" project is instanciated and referenced as another AS3 instance than the original one. But the original instance of music project is still referenced by subChoiceComboBox.selectedItem of the TasksListBox. So, the display of tasks list is not appropriate because there are two distinct instances in AS3 of the same Rails project instance. In short I would have learned a lot more in true and well-thought AMF synchronisation. Apart this teaching consideration your chapter do not save me from many hours of development, sorry about that...

If that's too late for a new version of your 11 chapter would you soon release some tutorial on about synchronizing objects graphs between Rails and Flex with rubyamf? That would be just great! Or did I miss one somewhere?

Thanks again for the wonderful job and book.
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Re: Disappointing chapter 11 Refactoring to RubyAmf & Pomodo's bug
Hi Joel,

Yeah, I basically punted on the object graph thing throughout the book smilie

It's way too late for this to be part of Flexible Rails. (Also, once you start going down this road, you end up at a different book, which caters to more advanced readers.)

I have already put a fair bit of thought into this. All I'll say for now is check in a few months...