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cippyboy (1) [Avatar] Offline
A 2 in 1 post, here goes :

First, I'm using a System:smilierawing::Image in a property grid to select an image, and then I need to get that filename, it surely stores it somewhere since if you browse again, it will initialize the OpenDialog with the last filename. I checked all the documentation and didn't found anything related to that.

BTW do you know any Forms Designer property grid value type that can browse files ? Besides browsing Images I couldn't find anything else.

Second, I have a C++ string array like : char Text[][]={ "one" , "two" };

And a function needs a char ** as a parameter; It seems that under managed compilation I can't typecast char[][] to char** properly, as if the Text variable from above was compiled as managed something. If I try to do it for simple arrays, it works ok, but with 2 dimensional arrays it screws up.

Is there any documentation on how native types are converted to managed types ?

Thanks in advance.