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In section 7.4.1 in paragraph that starts with "In this Example..." (last paragraph). The sentence "It is not able to handling the ToSting method... " ToSting should be changed to ToString.

Just a note. I have really enjoyed this book. LinQ is something that I have prayed for since the start of .NET. Finally there is a elegant bridge between the object and relational worlds. You have done a very good job of presenting the material.
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Re: Small typo in 7.4.1
Thanks Leo! We'll be sure to get the typo fixed....and we're really glad you are enjoying the book! Spread the word! smilie

Best Regards,
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Re: Small typo in 7.4.1
Thank you for your keen eye. We have been working hard putting the finishing touches on the book and fixking a number of these kinds of errors. I believe you are refering to the example in listing 6.3.1 in the final version of the book. I hope you find that the final version has much less in terms of problems like these.