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I understand that you have time (and page ?) constraints for your book, but I am sorely missing a deeper presentation of LINQ to Entities. Maybe you'll have to write a second book on the topic smilie

And I appear to be a little bit frustrated that you do not dig deeper to explain how some aspects of LINQ really work. But since we will be able to get access to the .NET sources through Visual Studio 2008, I'll have another means to satisfy my curiosity!

By the way, I've just flooded the list with lots of messages and I hope that's ok. Or should I rather write to you, the author, personally? And then I could write in French, which would be easier and less error prone for me.

Pierre, author of
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Re: LINQ to Entities

Thank you for your feedback. You were well inspired to write your comments in English because the LINQ to SQL chapters are written by Jim Wooley and the LINQ to XML are written by Steve Eichert, who both are Americans. This said, feel free to contact me directly in French if you have more comments about the other parts of the book:

I'll let Jim and Steve reply about their own chapters.

As you saw, we don't cover the ADO.NET Entity Framework and LINQ to Entities in details in this book. One of the reasons is that the technology is not ready yet, and won't be maybe before six more months or so. Our book is getting done this month, so it's still too early to cover the Entity Framework. Moreover, I think that a dedicated book is required to cover the ADO.NET EF and LINQ to Entities correctly.

I'd be really interested to know which aspects of LINQ are not covered in the book. We really tried to cover the subject in depth, so please let me know.

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Re: LINQ to Entities

Thanks for all of your questions. Keep them coming. I'll try to be more attentive as more readers start to have questions here.

As for the issue regarding the Entity Framework, We had to make a conscious decision regarding inclusion of it in the book. We determined that it is such a large project that we would not be able to do justice to it in this book. I would agree that it needs another dedicated book to cover it well.

In addition, it is still very much a moving target and I would not want to publish something on it until it further stabilized.