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It would be excellent that your book explains alternatives to the "render smilieml => ..." of the Rails-REST approach.
As a new Flex developer (4 days ago) and recent in Rails (4 months, one major successful project) I am a bit lost in front of the alternatives to serialize/de- data between a Ruby server and a Flex/AS3 client. But such a choice is a major one before starting any major project. This should justify a short section (or just a table, or an annex) where you objectively try to compare them (also because you are a Master in providing many usefull links to search for ourself, I like your prefilters search results - i.e. quicklinks - very much!).
Comparison properties would be: processing speed, efficiency, ease of use for developers, data weight on network and on local memory, capabilities and limitations on server versus on client, etc.
Some links:,,,,
Of course readers would simply accept that you honestly mention that the comparison does not reflect your absolute experience but partly your theoretical knowledge...
Once more I consider that choosing the appropritate data serialization schema is essential before starting a new project. Probably the appropriate one will depend on the project requirements...
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Re: Section about SWF/SWX, AMF3 and other data serialization solutions
Hi Joel,

Sorry for the delay in replying. I'm doing iteration 10 about RubyAMF.

Peter Armstrong