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I am using multiple tables of CheckBoxes (PdfFormFields) on multiple pages
as in the example /* chapter16/RegisterForm1.java */ Figure 16.1 on iText book.

The problem is the crosses of the checkboxes of table 1 on page 1 appears on
the exact same positions on the second page on top of table 2.

In the example there is only one table and only one page. If you create second
table of checkboxes on the second page, crosses of your checkboxes that you
clicked on the first page stays and appears on the second page as well.

What can I do to get rid of the CheckBox Appearance crosess repeating on the
next page?

Help will be really appreciated as I am supposed to going live with my project


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Re: Crosses of table of ChekBox form fields appearing on the next page
I have just answered this question on the iText mailing list.
Please don't double post. Priority is given to the mailing list.