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goldfinger (9) [Avatar] Offline
I want to do a simple thing,- show the day of week in the german language.
The systems are running english OS with german MUI package. Default settings are english.
I can I do this? What is wrong on the code?

Here the code:

$OldCulture = [System.Threading.Thread]::CurrentThread.CurrentCulture

$newCultureInfo = new-object Globalization.CultureInfo('de-DE')
[System.Threading.Thread]::CurrentThread.CurrentCulture = $newCultureInfo
[System.Threading.Thread]::CurrentThread.CurrentUICulture = $newCultureInfo

# verify
$currentCulture = [System.Threading.Thread]::CurrentThread.CurrentCulture

# Now make some tests
$d="07.10.2007" # German notation for Sunday, 10/08/2007

([datetime] $d).dayofweek

([datetime]:smiliearse($d, [Globalization.CultureInfo] 'de-DE')).dayofweek

'output form get-date:'

The output:

LCID Name DisplayName
---- ---- -----------
1033 en-US English (United States)

1031 de-DE German (Germany)

1031 de-DE Deutsch (Deutschland) -> Theadsettings are right

Tuesday -> Surprise I thought the output is in german language and has the right datetime format but it will use en-US
Sunday -> Right Day of Week (but wrong language)

output form get-date: -> Should the DayofWeek field be in german language like the DateTime one?
DisplayHint : DateTime
DateTime : Sonntag, 7. Oktober 2007 16:18:53
Date : 07.10.2007 00:00:00
Day : 7
DayOfWeek : Sunday
DayOfYear : 280
Hour : 16
Kind : Local
Millisecond : 252
Minute : 18
Month : 10
Second : 53
Ticks : 633273707332525488
TimeOfDay : 16:18:53.2525488
Year : 2007
goldfinger (9) [Avatar] Offline
Re: datetime and culture
After playing a little bit arround I found a solution but I still have now idea what's going wrong in the code before.


$de = new-object System.Globalization.CultureInfo "de-DE"
$wd = ([datetime]:smiliearse("07.10.2007", [Globalization.CultureInfo] 'de-DE')).dayofweek